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How long will it take to receive my order if I ordered online or over the phone?

There is a problem with one of my accessories/parts, what should I do?

Is your facility in Dayton, OH open to the public?

How do I contact Customer Service and what are your hours?

Where do I purchase products?

Where can I find prices for your firearms?

Can I purchase firearms directly from your facility?

Where can I purchase accessories and parts for your products?

I need to order a part but do not see it on your webpage.

Some parts on your website say FFL Required. How do I purchase them?

Will the product I purchase look exactly as pictured on the website?

What ammo is best for my firearm?

Will aftermarket parts and accessories fit your firearms?

If I send my firearm in for repair, how long will it take?

Range Bag Snap Caps

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