The History

A curious nature, a passion for firearms and a love for challenges have always guided our path at Chiappa Firearms. There will always be another challenge to take on and we’ll not be afraid to play the game.

The history of Chiappa Firearms began in 1958, when Ezechiele (Oscar) Chiappa opened his company and called it Armi Sport. Initially an artisanal workshop, the company has grown over the years to become an industrial group, still wholly owned by the Chiappa family.

Chiappa includes the companies Chiappa Firearms S.r.l. (defense, sporting and replica firearms), KIMAR (blank and signal guns), ACP (training systems), Costa S.r.l. (surface treatment of metals) and Chiappa Firearms USA, Ltd. (USA’s distribution center). The success story of the Chiappa derives from a combination of factors, among which are a great technical experience matured over 60 years; ability, the courage and entrepreneurial spirit of the President Rino Chiappa, and the total dedication to work of the whole Chiappa family.

These capabilities have lead Chiappa to a series of winning choices, focusing on technological advancement, on understanding and meeting the needs of the market while constantly introducing new models, but also offering accuracy and continued support to customers.

All stages of production are carried out entirely within the company. The manufacturing process begins with the design of the 3D model, followed by the realization of prototypes and the transfer of data to CNC machines. Through specific CAM software, the machining equipment is able to produce any component in a very short time taking instructions directly from the 3D drawings.

Order and organization are common to all factory departments: the workshop with numerical control machines (CNC) for the processing of components machined from solid steel such as receivers and breeches, or for the realization of all types of stocks and other small parts; manufacturing of barrels; die casting and molding of plastic material; ovens and equipment for heat treatment; surface treatment, such as bluing, parkerizing, nickel plating, as well as equipment for grinding and polishing of metal and wood components.

The entire manufacturing process is managed and coordinated by a computer system that encompasses all steps of production. This system allows for a thorough control of the execution time, thus keeping production costs tightly monitored. Finally, all firearms are visually inspected and test fired in the shooting range built inside the company before being brought to the packaging area. Thanks to the experience of the personnel, the tradition of artisan craftsmanship cohabits with a modern organization within the same factory, fostering maximum efficiency.

Chiappa manufactures a wide range of models. The catalog includes replicas of American historic weapons and muzzleloaders, lever action shotguns and rifles, handguns and rifles in .17 and .22 rimfire, sporting and self defense handguns such as the famous Rhino, signal guns and air guns. As a direct result of the optimization of the manufacturing process, all Chiappa products are an excellent value. Chiappa today is a rapidly developing, constantly evolving corporation. The great capacity to innovate with flexibility and dynamism, the wide range of products and the excellent value for the consumer have allowed Chiappa to spread sales in 60 countries, being fully able to compete with the biggest companies in the world.

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Family Owned - Since 1958 - Made In Italy