The Chiappa Firearms CBR-9 Black Rhino pistol is not just like something you have already seen around. Originally designed as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), the CBR-9 Black Rhino is an original project, with original solutions behind and several patents pending contributing to make it new and different.

This semiautomatic pistol adopts an improved and efficient blowback system, with a bolt that is half the weight of competitors’ products. Thanks to its original design, all mechanical components are placed in the upper receiver, while the lower receiver is just the grip, the polymer frame of the pistol. Within the bolt mechanism, the hammer mass cooperates to the closure in a substantial manner, thanks to its high mass and inertial increment obtained by the particular way the hammer and the bolt interlock one another. Important to note the fact that the CBR-9 can be field stripped easily, without tools.

The magazine design is one of the patents of the CBR-9 Black Rhino: the magazine adopts a proprietary design, which means that you cannot use standard Glock or Beretta magazines. Again, the reason behind was a search for reliability. Thanks to the unique design of the CBR-9 magazine a reliable and continuous feeding is granted also when the magazine lips suffer from severe deformation. And the magazine will work with any kind of 9mm ammunition. Designed to work with magazines of different rounds capacities, the CBR-9 Black Rhino comes standard with 18 rounds magazines.

Along with the particular hammer and bolt mechanical interaction, the low axis barrel design of the CBR-9 Black Rhino contributes significantly to an almost inexistent muzzle flip up. And the efficient flash hider visibly reduces flames. The balance and ergonomics of this semiautomatic pistol, along with the practical collapsible stock (unique in its genre) grant compactness and efficiency.

As a matter of fact, the CBR-9 Black Rhino features characteristic that cannot be compared with any other PDW firearm on the market, granting optimal controllability and precision shooting even to people with little to no training.


CBR-9 Pistol 9mm/9"BBL
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