American Civil War reenactors or history enthusiasts can now own accurate, faithful reproductions of some of the most famous arms used in conflict between the Union and Confederacy.  All of the Chiappa Firearms' muzzleloaders pay attention to historical details such as barrel bands, ramrods and sights, with hand oiled walnut stocks. The 1842 Musket, originally manufactured in Springfield and Harpers Ferry, and the 1861 Springfield  have barrel and locks in a white finish.  The 1853 Enfield Musket and 1863 Zouave have a blued barrel and color case locks. 

1861 Springfield Musket (Rifled) (White) .58CAL/40"BBL
MSRP: $1,029.00
SKU: 910.000
1862 Richmond Musket (Rifled) (White) .58CAL/40"BBL
MSRP: $1,065.00
SKU: 910.001
1853 Enfield Musket (Rifled) (Color Case) .58CAL/39"BBL
MSRP: $1,029.00
SKU: 910.003
1858 Enfield Musket (Rifled) (Color Case) .58CAL/33"BBL
MSRP: $1,015.00
SKU: 910.004
1842 Springfield Musket (Rifled) (White) .69CAL/42"BBL
MSRP: $1,125.00
SKU: 910.005
1863 Zouave Musket (Rifled) (Color Case) .58CAL/33"BBL
MSRP: $1,125.00
SKU: 910.006
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